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Unrivaled Taste

How it all started

Dan is from Kazakhstan, speaks Russian, and is from German and Asian ancestries. Sana is from Trinidad, with Portuguese and British ancestries. Two very diverse cultures married and what emerged from this was a taste for vibrant, eclectic foods rich in culinary variety, spices and creativity.


As Dan always says, “we fell in love because we shared the pleasure of rich food and diverse cultural experiences”. We are a family who celebrates life, loves food, treasures friendship and appreciates each new opportunity to bring pleasure to others.


With Amore Cucina and Bar we discovered this unique Italian concept developed by a celebrity chef and made it ours, adept with the everchanging desire for discovering love, new flavors and creating an unforgettable,
laid-back dining experience.


We like to think of every detail, like an all-round celebration of fresh ingredients, a bottle of wine with queen & kalamata olives, agrodolce roast garlic, peppadew and bubble bread with olive oil just waiting to be eaten. Chances are you won’t find Amore easily unless its been recommended to you.


We want to make it a natural choice for big group dinners, celebrations, and events; yet intimate enough for the family and lovers to tuck away.



To make a variety of delicious gourmet Italian food and pizzas, accessible and affordable to all, in a place that’s honest, casual and makes you feel special.



To make our staff and community proud of what we create. Each and every dish should be crafted with love, hard work, and respect for each other and the environment, with the art of servitude.

Unrivaled Taste

We enjoy our time together…